How to manage a small Virtual Machine infrastructure

Over the last months, I felt the need to start a small virtual machine infrastructure to manage every small need on a laboratory at work.

The set up infrastructure is the following:

1x Apple Macbook Pro 4.1 – for development of the appliances

2x HP DL360 with 8GB RAM running Ubuntu 10.4 – to run the VMs

Note that is this NOT a production environment. This only covers a LAB needs and requirements, so stuff like redundancy and fail safe will not be included.



Over the next few weeks, I’ll add some important notes.



The workflow is quite strait forward:

  • set up the VM on the Macbook running Oracle Virtual Box;
  • Deploy the VM on the HP server running Linux KVM

To go from one step to the other, conversion between formats is required. We’ll cover that later.

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