Owncloud database migration from SQLite to MySQL – QNAP specific

2. Create a new mysql database

To create a new mysql database, the easier path is through phpMyAdmin accessible though QNAP management console. Please note the following aspects:

  • Sometimes the phpMyAdmin link on QNAP management page doesn’t work. This happens specially if you enable http on QNAP management page. The correct link is http://_qnap_storage_ip_/phpMyAdmin/ , instead of https://_qnap_storage_ip_:8081/phpMyAdmin/ , regardless of having HTTPS enabled or not.
  • Also, the default mysql login and password is root/admin.

After getting to phpMyAdmin, crate a new database:

  • Select “localhost” on the top left corner;
  • On the “Create new database” form set the database name. On this example use “own cloud”;
  • On the Collation dropbox select utf8_bin near the bottom;
  • Press “Create”, which actually creates the database;
  • Now, create an own cloud user. Press “Privileges” on the top right corner;
  • Set username  and password as  “owncloud” and make sure “Grant all privileges on database “test” ” option is set, and press “Go”.

With this, you should have a new Mysql database ready for use.

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