iPhone 6s video decoding capabilities – Sometimes Apple underrates it’s products

Although I’ve been an Apple heavy user for a number of years now, it always bugs me when companies misrepresent their products, event if the misrepresentation is a underrating of the actual product. For me, specifications must be as accurate as possible, no matter if it comes from Apple, and understating it’s video decoding capabilities it not on my list of expected weird things, but it does seem to happen.

MicroSD UHS-1 32GB cards shootout – Comparing MicroSD cards from a number of different perspectives

After having reviewed a number of different microSD cards, the next step could only be compare then over a number of perspectives, each of them making sense to a significant number of users. Now, I believe it is quite obvious for everyone that there isn’t probably a best microSD card but it really depends on which parameters, or ratios between parameters are relevant for each one. Each of them will then represent an important benchmark by itself, so let’s detail each of them: Read Performance – The basic SD card benchmark, and targeted by most manufacturers. Although overlooked in some reviews, …

Netac P500 Smart Card 32GB microSD

Manufacturer Leapro Brand P500 Smart Card Announced Capacity 32 GiB Formatted  Capacity 29.53 GiB UHS Class 1 SD Bus UHS104 Price AliExpress – €7.34 Netac is a chinese company most known in Asia by its USB drives ever since the early 2000’s, but on the SD card market a virtually unknown name. On our desk there’s Netac branded microSD, officially named as P500 Smart Card, yes “Smart Card”. Why on earth would it be called “Smart Card” is something that completely baffles us. If you still can’t believe, check the package photo. Fortunately, on the newly manufactured products the label seems to …

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