An SD Card benchmark baseline

An old Transcend SDCard Manufacturer Transcend Brand SDHC Class 10 Announced Capacity 16 GB Formatted Capacity 15,02 GiB UHS Class N/A SD Bus SD High Speed (SDR25) Price £7.50 $7.50 €5,12 AliExpress In order to be able to compare the current breed of SD Cards, or even MicroSD, we need to find a baseline, from which to compare a draw conclusions. If at the same time, we can also get an idea of historical evolution, the better. Although not taking into account price declines solely due to Moore’s law, performer is expected to show significant improvements, as new SDA specifications got available, …

Secure digital card USB-3.0 reader shootout: MacBook Pro embedded SDCard reader Vs rest of the world

New Secure Digital cards sport theoretical speeds up to 104 MiB/s, for UHS-1 cards, or even 312 MiB/s for UHS-2 cards. Now, those are only bus speeds, and actual speeds may be a far cry from it, but in some instances real performance isn’t that different. On the other hand, it clearly demonstrates need for updates SD Adapters, as those new Secure Digital buses require compatible adapters, and again, USB3 compatibility. Then, which are the use cases for an USB3 adapter? Well, unless you intend to use your SD cards to extend your laptop storage, for instance, using one these …

MicroSD Micro reader USB 3.0 review

The emergence of micro SD cards, which are today pushing any other solid state portable format to a niche status, including ironically, the original Secure Digital cards, raised the need for decides designed to read such cards. On the the other hand, the actual microSD state of the art raised the bar for bandwidth to a whooping 104 MiB/s for UHS-1 or even 312 MiB/s as defined by the latest 4.0 SD specifications, means that old USB 2.0 readers both internal and external were not longer adequate to handle those cards, but instead an USB 3.x would be required. Of course, …

Creating your own PKI using Cloudflare’s CFSSL

For those looking for a strait forward PKI, here’s how to get it, using Cloudflare’s CFSSL. Why CFSSL? If you’re looking for a simple solution, this is as simple as it can get: install Go Compiler, compile CFSSL and your done. Drawback? There’s little flexibility in terms or library versions. You get what Go offers. Now, CFSSL isn’t the most well documented application over there and yes, some configuration items aren’t document at all, so see right below on how to create a PKI using CFSSL. Editor’s Note: This walkthrough was corrected to support the new “ca_constraint” parameter.

Authenticated Public NTP server howto

Configuring an NTP server is by far not the most strait forward nor best documenting activities while managing a data center. Adding authentication on top of it, just makes things worse, far worse. Fortunately, it’s something only done once. The end goal: Authenticated NTP. ntpdate -d -k /etc/ntp.keys -a 10 9 Jul 23:24:33 ntpdate[19359]: ntpdate [email protected] Fri May 28 01:20:57 UTC 2010 (1) Looking for host and service ntp host found : transmit( receive( receive: authentication passed

UHD Premium – How to screw the consumer in favor an industry player

One of the big news during CES 2016 was the announcement of UHD Alliance Ultra HD Premium specifications. However, all said and done, it was a complete disappointment as far as consumer interests were concerned. The end result is nowhere nearer anything which can be useful for a consumer to take an informed decision on which new TV set to buy. Why? To understand, one needs to spot the questions the UHD Alliance set out to answer, and where it failed, miserably and fully intentionally.

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