Owncloud database migration from SQLite to MySQL – QNAP specific

3. Migrate database

Having done everything, let’s do the proper database migration. The occ command line options is poorly documented, but after a few trial and error attempts, the overall command is the following:

/mnt/ext/opt/apache/bin/php -c ./php.ini occ db:convert-type --password=owncloud --all-apps mysql owncloud localhost owncloud

Which will result on something of this sort:

Owncloud DB Migration

Note the following aspects:

  • If questioned to migrate all apps, just press yes;
  • If for some ready you stop the process, to restart you need to clean all tables (phpMyAdmin: drop all tables).

Now, one of the reasons why people may want to migrate from SQLite to Mysql is speed, and this is one of the instances where it is noticeable. This process may take a few¬†hours….

Afterwards, it silently terminates, and when it does everything will be nicely set up. There is no need to change any configuration files, and everything will be running over Mysql.


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