Intel confirms that POF is being studied for Light Peak

This is a simple update on the last post regarding POF and Light Peak.

In an interview to Tech-On, Jason Ziller, director of Optical I/O Planning/Marketing at Intel states:

Q: How long is the wavelength of optical signals used for Light Peak?

Ziller: It is 850nm. Optical signals are transmitted via optical fibers made of glass. The wavelength was decided in consideration of cost, durability, transmission range and so forth. However, it is possible that plastic optical fibers (POF) will be used in the future because its properties are drastically improving.

Now, I’m yet to understand how can multimode glass fiber support 10Gbps, even at 30m (unless OM3 cable is used), or can a company market a cable that can break, but the important is to take note that POF is indeed the probable future of this technology.

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