Netac P500 UHS-I U3 128GB Micro SD card

Performance – Write Thoughput Tests

Compressible data write throughput Random data write throughput








This is hands down the fastest microSD card on what regards to write operations, beating all other microSD cards by at least 15% and as compared with the lower performant cards, around 90% faster. Although these are good news, the peak value of 25.8MiB/s it not enough to grant the U3 rating it carries stamped on the packaging, which requires a sustained through put of 30MiB/s. This is not the same as saying this is a bad product, but the rating suggested a significant higher performance. This is something the SD Association needs to regulate in order to ensure market trust on those markings.

As a last remark, there is no evidences of in-card data compression, or if there is, it doesn’t affect performance, as we expect.

User capacity and final remarks

User capacity ratioBeating the Samsung microSD cards is a significant achievement as you need at least average quality flash devices for it. This is further suggested by the lack of spare area used by this card. At 93%, this card has the highest user capacity to rated capacity ratio of any of the reviews microSD cards. And assuming the same level of write endurance of the remaining cards, is a significant boost in value, although helped by the higher capacity as compared with the 32GiB offerings.

Although the write performance isn’t at the level the ratings imply, all things considered, this is not by any means a bad product. Assuming the price per GiB this card can be bought at, this is actually
the best microSD card you can get without emptying your wallet. Read performance is on par with the competition and within the limits of the UHS-I bus, while writeRecommended! performance is not stellar, but beats any other similar priced products.

This microSD card is then, the best low cost offering we tested thus far.


The Good

  • Best write performance of all tested low cost offerings
  • Read performance on line with UHS-1 bus
  • Great user capacity!
  • Low cost per GiB

The Bad

  • Write performance lower than rated

The Ugly

  • Why stick that U3 rating if your product is not able to get there. Not even close.

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