Check opened files by a process on OSX

Recently i’ve been fighting some performance issues with Spotlight on OSX 10.6. As sad as it may seem, the problem is not on Spotlight it selft, but on it’s reliance on third parties to search inside files. On my case, the issue is related to Office 2010 Exel files:

Jul 26 10:52:51 macbook-2 mdworker32[18995]: (Normal) Import: Spotlight giving up on importing file /Users/xxx/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/xxx/xxx.mbox/Attachments/156147/2/_excel_filename_.xlsx after 240 seconds, 235.697 seconds of which was spent in the Spotlight importer plugin.

Which makes Spotlight take DAYS for index all my files and emails. Regardless, the way to ckeck what Sportlight is actually doing is quite simple. On the console, type:

sudo opensnoop -n mdworker

In the meantime, I’ll try to get Spotlight out of Microsoft’s bugs…

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