MicroSD UHS-1 32GB cards shootout – Comparing MicroSD cards from a number of different perspectives

Performance to price ratio

Another extremely relevant metric is the price to performance ration, and in this case we’ll focus on write performance, although we also add read performance for reference. For price conscious users which need performance, this is the benchmark needing attention.


For the most troubling case, the price to write performance ratio, Samsung is the hands down winner. It trounces the runner up by more than 25%, this being Netac, and the last placed by 47%!! . Now, unlike the price to capacity ratio which exactly follows absolute price, in this case there are some ranking differences, and specifically Transcend, which moves from second to last to third best. This avenges the defenders of performance as a fighting tool from overall low prices. However, there one microSD card which stays last on all price related benchmarks: Kingston, closely followed by Sandisk and Mixza.